Award winning New Jersey public relations specialist John C. Pollock is helping small businesses.

PRINCETON, NJ December 16, 2020 – Award winning public relations specialist John C. Pollock is helping small businesses. Having represented Fortune 500 companies in marketing and public relations roles, the experienced marketer now develops specialized brand trust strategies for non-profits and private enterprises as senior marketing strategist at Crothers Consulting in Princeton, NJ. Pollock is a winner of the Silver Anvil, a top annual award in the public relations industry.

“The most satisfying aspect of developing brand trust strategies at Crothers Consulting is helping small-scale organizations,” explains John C. Pollock. The expert strategist adds, “By providing effective news syndication, search engine optimization (SEO) and custom branded surveys, our agency reinforces our clients’ brand reputations. Unlike many public relations firms that simply manage company framing, we use trend alignment to propel our customers from competitors to market leaders. We work closely with clients to customize messages and organize national branded surveys aligned with strategic goals and objectives.”

Pollock has over a decade’s worth of experience working with public relations firms Ketchum and Ruder Finn, and also headed his own market research agency New World Decisions. The strategist’s client list includes Miller Lite, Gillette, Aspirin Foundation, American Board of Family Practice and Whirlpool. The Stanford PhD currently teaches Communication Studies and Public Health at The College of New Jersey.

Crothers Consulting strategic communication agency offers services such as press release writing, branded narrative surveys, instant event polls and news syndication to increase client visibility and search engine optimization. “In the past, companies could easily stand apart from the herd by offering new and exciting products. Now, consumers consider dependability, societal vision, security, privacy and reputation when deciding where to spend their money,” remarks the organization’s President, Maxwell C. Pollock. Crothers Consulting’s chief operator adds, “Our company develops comprehensive plans to build brand trust for our clients to ensure that they win.”

Crothers Consulting is a New Jersey-based public relations and strategic marketing firm. Operated by son and father Maxwell C. Pollock and John C. Pollock, the family-owned practice offers services such as press release writing, content creation, branding strategies and branded narrative studies. The Princeton-area agency has worked with private enterprises as well as nonprofit organizations. Visit Crothers Consulting’s website for more information.

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