New research indicates brand trust is the second-most important factor next to price consumers consider when purchasing decisions.

PRINCETON, NJ March 8, 2021 – Consumers are thinking about trust. According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, brand trust is the second-most important factor (only behind price) audiences weigh when considering product or service options. The study also found demographics across the board are avoiding traditional advertising, instead relying on reviews and third-party references for reliable information. Formulated by digital marketing agency Crothers Consulting, digital brand trust scores reveal valuable trust insights for company leaders.

A digital brand trust score (DBTS) considers several metrics to calculate a comprehensive reputation rating. Resembling a classic credit score ranking, the DBTS range includes several levels of effectiveness: Excellent (100+), Effective (85 to 99), Moderate (65 to 84), Fair (45 to 64), Needs Substantial Improvement (25 to 44) and Low Visibility (0 to 24). Variables that affect DBTS include third-party press coverage, self-produced content consistency, key online citations and search engine optimization (SEO).

“Company leaders seeking new online customers and improved visibility can usually find digital marketing agencies to fit their needs. However, almost none of these agencies offer baseline audits explaining existing online reputations,” remarks Crothers Consulting’s President Maxwell C. Pollock. Pollock adds, “we believe baseline reports are vital for anchoring agency accountability and providing needed oversight for organization executives to track success.”

One developer behind Crothers Consulting’s digital brand trust score calculation is data scientist Michael C. Casey. Experienced with sourcing, interpreting and visualizing data for international relief organizations, Casey leverages innovative digital technology to filter relevant news coverage and organize third-party references for reputable companies. The digital marketing agency also reviews Google News Index, assesses on-page SEO and backlinks, and reviews key citations on popular sites such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google to gauge reputation consistency.

Beyond testing digital brand trust, Crothers Consulting offers digital brand trust building services to companies of all sizes. These strategies include full press office coverage, SEO, news syndication, press pitching and social media management.

The strategic marketing firm also crafts custom branded narrative surveys on a contract basis. “We work closely with clients to customize messages and complete national branded surveys aligned with strategic goals and objectives,” remarks Crothers Consulting’s Senior Marketing Strategist, John C. Pollock. A social scientist (PhD Stanford) with experience conducting national surveys for Fortune 500 and smaller nonprofit organizations, he is a winner of the Public Relations Society of America’s highest annual award, the Silver Anvil.

Crothers Consulting is a New Jersey-based strategic digital marketing firm that offers services such as press release writing, content creation, branding strategies and branded narrative studies. The Princeton-area agency has worked with private enterprises as well as nonprofit organizations. Visit Crothers Consulting’s website for more information.

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